Traurige Ferragosto

download Traurige Weihnacht as a series of 10 .mp3 files compressed in a single mighty .zip. surf music never was so happy and free!

Festa della Libertà 2014


ok, so – for the third year in a row – we’re making our submission to play this festival. two years ago we were selected, but we were given a shit slot, last year, to make us love them even more, they dared reject us altogether. now, considering that the festival is indeed cool and offers a great sound-system but also that the average “artist” playing it is a cover band of the Doors with a no-voice, no-tits, shit-face female singer, unless this year they a) ask us please b) give us a top slot on saturday night, this is the fucking last time we even try. we’re goddam artists, geezuz, can’t these people get it?

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400 bucks a song

If you want a really cool job done in LA, that’s how much it is to mix a single track into a 16-bit, CD quality, well produced song. It cost Nirvana $ 600 to record, mix and master the whole of “Bleach” so screw LA, we’re not spending 4K for something we might as well learn how to do by ourself in a reasonable time-span like, say, five years.

record 3 – the 23 minutes thing you’re gonna love

record 3 – the 23 minutes thing you're gonna love

status song acoustic

home recording of an acoustic guitars + electric piano version of the song scheduled for january 4th. the track will be published on the same day here + on deezer. video streaming of the whole recording session available on this site. note it down or something.

OK, pro tools

the record is out but we ain’t happy about it. at all. it’s nowhere near where we wanted it to be, most vocals are shaky, the guitars have been barely overdubbed, many drum fills are questionable in their execution. overall, we all agree the songs deserve a lot better than that.

so what are we gonna do about it? a few things.

1. fire the sound engineer, the guy who created the ideal atmosphere for failure
2. buy, install and learn how to use pro tools
3. set up a silent home studio and re-record all tracks except for the drums and some bass lines
4. take a year if it takes a year
5. print the album on vinyl only, target is to release it by next christmas
6. no more studio rehearsals except before live gigs, we will focus exclusively on songwriting and recording
7. we will work out the individual instrumental tracks down to finest detail, we won’t settle anymore for anything less than perfect. oh, and yeah: we won’t start mixing unless we have at least 40 tracks per song, better 60, even better 90
8. next album is going to be a concept (this one is a concept too, about being psychopaths actually, but next one will tell a story too)
9. did I mention we need to fire the motherfucking sound engineer? yeah, well, if he’s an engineer then we must be, dunno, astronauts at least. he must go

stay tuned and thanks for the continued support
long live the unfathomable fuck yous
happy new year to all faithful fuckyouers around the world