joy is just knowing how the fuck the song is gonna go

I mean it, when you write a song you wonder about all sorts of things (do the lyrics make any sense? is the melody catchy enough and yet not obvious? do I have a tune or do I just think I have one?). there’s one thing, however, you can never come to terms with: did I put the little jigsaw pieces in the right place and in the right order? verse-chorus-verse-bridge-chorus-verse-chorus-outro? that’s the question that really kills you and it’s one you can’t answer alone: you need a band to do it.

yesterday the fuck yous unanimously decided that any other title (synthesised) is gonna be structured like this. no chorus, no bridge, just a central section with some distorted solo zukko will play much bettere than I do on the lousy demo.

now my heart can finally rest.

also, we decided any other title (synthesised) will be song nr. 13 on the record. molecole insists having 13 tracks is important for some cosmic reason and who are we to disagre? I’m telling you: we’re no-fucking-body to disagree. 13 songs must be and 13 songs it’s gonna be.

amen, brothers and sisters.


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