as producers, man, we’re a pain in the ass

okay: we listened carefully, we listened over and over again, we listened together and talked about what would be cool and fuck: we’re 52 tracks away from being done!

that’s anywhere between 5 and 10 full days in the studio plus god_knows_how_many hours at home to write the tracks that don’t exist yet, like the trumpets in “the right to marry a goat” or the guitar arpeggio in the finale of “swastika shaved pussy”.
all in all, it looks like we’re going to be dead late on the release date. the good news is, we never really annouced any release date, nor do we have any record company pushing for us to make it happen faster than it naturally will. it’s gonna take whatever amount of time it’s gonna take; only one thing we can grant: it will rock. big time.

here below how the track situation looks after the producers met with the musicians in an unprecedented four-ways split personality swing which made 8 people (in just four bodies) discuss a record (without counting the manager’s very own points of view, which rocketed the number of people in the room to about 14).

from now on we will be announcing sessions’ dates, locations and hours on this blog; we find it cool to have fans in the studio while recording and you’re so few and so far that nobody’s gonna show up anyway.

so much for being 2.0 and all that.


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