we’re not really from london, but close enough if you look at it from japan

I wrote a post on my Italian weblog. It’s about finishing things in general and records specifically. If you don’t speak Italian (which according to this blog’s statistics is not exactly likely), here’s what it says according to a popular free internet translation service:

The important is to end.

I have passed the last months to make a disc – a disc, we say demo, an only longer, demo along as a disc – and must say that it is a experience that prosciuga. Because it does not absorb as well as time, at the end we will have been in study how much? Thirty? Forty hours? It is that the head fills up you: it is not more what you make, is what you are, you sound and you risuona in the brain till that you do not know more not to say if you like it or not. At the end guitars and assorted voices and noises are alone by vol. high: after sure numbers of listenings you piacciono by force, also for the habit of the ear to only feel them, you cannot more say some or think some null about sensato. And insomma they are content to be to us nearly: still little ritocchi and then enough, more is sealed, is not touched, as it has come has come. We only hope to scandalize some old woman and to scroccare a little of beers. The rest we will make us to go well. Long live rock n’roll“.


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  1. Many says:

    roghenroa \m/

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