the dangerous dogs act of 1991

i write a lot of these non-songs. these little pieces of music which aren’t really a song because i’m too lazy to make them into one but that still have something about them. something that just won’t let you forget them. what i do is, i fantasize a lot a bout using them someday, somehow: maybe as a filler between two real songs on side two of the fifth album, that kind of fantasy. pretty childish, i know, but it kinda works: makes me feel like – even if i’m a lazy bastard – i’m still doing some amount of good in praise and glory of the secret church of the fuck yous. this one is called the dangerous dogs act of 1991 because in 1991, in england, they made a law about these dogs and I thought what the hell: nobody’s ever gonna write a song a bout that, so I might as well. along with start the party slow and & lipstick for all it might well just be a piece of vaporware which will never become the real thing, but who knows? never underestimate the resolve of the fuck yous to stubbornly go for the least likely of the moves (i.e. – normally – the dumbest).

play demo >>


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