Topics for record two

The big news is, there’ll actually be a record 2 and it will be called “Led Zeppelin V”. We will start recording in a couple of weeks with an as-of-yet-secret producer, cool guy, gay and all, like you have to be these days to be really cool. The other thing is, the record will contain some very dark, violent and occasionally obscene lyrics which have all been written before the music was. Fathers raping daughters, bipolar depression, parent-induced madness, these are some of the topics. Dunno if this will make the whole thing any more meaningful, it sure did make writing lyrics we actually give a fuck about a hell of a lot easier (stretching and shrinking them to to fit the music was less fun, but interesting in his own way). We have about 25 tunes in store, those guaranteed to make it on LZV, for now, are these:

  • eileen
  • monday song
  • oh shut up mother
  • sheena ain’t awesome no more
  • normal for a second

five done, five to go, looks good enough to us. Stay tuned for some live gigs to be announced soon. New songs in them guaranteed. Peace and stuff.

– The FUs 2013 –


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