Two new songs

two more songs will receive they’re first joint band performance tonight. one’s called 1st thing in the morning, the other maggie said. now, no one knows whether they’re gonna make it on the forthcoming traurige weihnacht album. the FUS do have 27 songs to chose from to get to the standard 36-40 minutes of music an album should time at but – as sk_8 says – livefast has a gift for writing a lot a crap, it’s safety in numbers that saves him. one thing the band recently discovered is that they like doing studio work even more than they like playing live. in order to offer a live performance up to the band’s expectations, you need a certain level of setup, including a cool sound system, a great sound engineer, efficient roadies, a venue full of people, expensive gear and all that. these are all things that cost money and nobody is willing to invest money in the FUs right now. so the idea is, let’s make a second album which will rock the fuck out of any listener’s brain and then let’s start touring for real, supported by a real promoter. not that the plan has any chance of success, but that’s exactly what’s nice about plans: if they fail, you can always come up with new ones.

kisses and hugs from #1 FUs fanclub member: emptykate ***


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