OK, pro tools

the record is out but we ain’t happy about it. at all. it’s nowhere near where we wanted it to be, most vocals are shaky, the guitars have been barely overdubbed, many drum fills are questionable in their execution. overall, we all agree the songs deserve a lot better than that.

so what are we gonna do about it? a few things.

1. fire the sound engineer, the guy who created the ideal atmosphere for failure
2. buy, install and learn how to use pro tools
3. set up a silent home studio and re-record all tracks except for the drums and some bass lines
4. take a year if it takes a year
5. print the album on vinyl only, target is to release it by next christmas
6. no more studio rehearsals except before live gigs, we will focus exclusively on songwriting and recording
7. we will work out the individual instrumental tracks down to finest detail, we won’t settle anymore for anything less than perfect. oh, and yeah: we won’t start mixing unless we have at least 40 tracks per song, better 60, even better 90
8. next album is going to be a concept (this one is a concept too, about being psychopaths actually, but next one will tell a story too)
9. did I mention we need to fire the motherfucking sound engineer? yeah, well, if he’s an engineer then we must be, dunno, astronauts at least. he must go

stay tuned and thanks for the continued support
long live the unfathomable fuck yous
happy new year to all faithful fuckyouers around the world


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