the fuck yous are a work of art and, at the same time, a collective artist producing works of art. we use rock and roll songs as a basis for visual installations intended to express our feelings which we believe are collective and universal as us –the Artists– are the only ones who can ever truly represent any Zeitgeist. our works are not for sale, we don’t own them and nobody else should. they can be enjoyed live at our concerts or in their full expression in museums all around the world. that is, as soon as they catch up with what we’re doing.

livefast // guitars, vocals, keyboards, visuals
molecole // bass guitar, vocals, computers
zukko // guitars, keyboards, vocals, cats
skate // drums, keyboards, beer, piano

paola & ilegna // a lot of stuff, too much to list

a simile artworks permanent installation

most of anything sucks anyway, that’s why people should have no friends


One Comment on “about”

  1. fab333 says:

    Tell me more about cats.

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