song (first reaharsed on)

river euphrates (12.01.2011)
king of rock (19.01.2011)
no shoes (12.01.2011)
not even if you were the first junkie on earth (13.02.2011)
psychokiller (19.02.2011)
geena, queen of the backyard (13.03.2011)
satan claus is coming to town (12.04.2011)
all is relative but the fuck yous (12.04.2011)
alide (16.04.2011)
don’t paya (16.04.2011)
killers & then die (23.04.211)
eyes (05.05.2011)
swastika shaved pussy (09.08.2011)
the right to marry a goat (09.08.2011)
and lipstick for all (18.08.2011)
the ballad of lindsay lohan (27.09.2011)
smart riot (16.10.2011)
clean (08.11.2011)
alright (n. n. a. m.) (08.11.2011)
any other title (19.11.2011)
heal me (08.12.2011)
(the well known trick of ) the female bass player (22.12.2011) – reaharsal / home demo
oh shut up mother (02.22.2012)
monday song (02.22.2012)
steven allen joyceberg (04.13.2012)
eileen (05.19.2012)
the artist (06.08.2012) lyrics + chords


One Comment on “songbook”

  1. Please upload them louder, I can’t hear them

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